Project Type:

Identity, UI, Mobile App


Spring 2015

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator

Project Details

For this project, three other Scout designers and I worked with a company originally named MakeoverShare. The idea behind the startup was to create an app where women could find local beauty salons based on images from other users’ experiences. Our team’s task was to create a new identity for the company, as well as design an app UX/UI system that they could build upon in the future. We started the project by rethinking the name of the company, which we felt was outdated. After several branding exercises and workshops, we came up with the idea of Highlight and began looking into logo solutions for the new name.

Colors and Iconography

Once we had a solid logo direction, our team started to look into colors and iconography that would work for the brand and the mobile app. The original brand colors were bright pink and purple shades, which didn’t fit the feel of the company. We decided to go with a mauve color, with shades of blue and yellow to add a sense of fashion and modernity. For iconography, we wanted to create a series of marks that could be used to sort images on the mobile app.

Style Guide and App Design

With all of the icons and colors finalized, we moved onto applying them to the app design. The two UX designers on our team worked on creating wireframes of the app and then brought the rest of the team on to apply colors, type, and iconography. Our final product was a clean, fun app design that fit the main idea of searching for local beauty.